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*Block discount: Purchase 4 flights at once and receive 15% off aircraft rental.

Unlike other flight schools, we don’t require a membership to receive discounted pricing. Just purchase your four flights at once, and receive a rate typically better than even membership pricing!

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Aircraft Rental Pricing

Piper Archer TX III

$140*block rate
  • $155 standard rate
  • 180 HP, 4 Seats
  • Private, Commercial, Instrument

Twin Comanche

$281*block rate
  • $314 standard rate
  • Multi Engine
  • Call to Learn More

Jabiru 170

$112*block rate
  • $132 standard rate
  • 85 HP, 2 Seats
  • Sport & Private, Light Sport

Helicopter Rental Pricing

Cabri G2

$387*block rate
  • $445 standard rate
  • Call to Learn More


$502*block rate
  • $577 standard rate
  • Call to Learn More

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Flight & Ground Instruction

Flight and Ground Instructors: Nick Zak CFII, Chris K. Cooper CFI, Loren Jones CFII, Luke Leverington CFI, Brandon Orstad CFI, Craig Allison CFII. Prices subject to change.

Meet Your Instructors

& Advanced

$70per hour
  • Prices subject to change.

Multi-Engine & Instrument

$70per hour
  • Prices subject to change.


$80per hour
  • Prices subject to change.