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Perfect for gifts, special occasions, capturing the perfect aerial photo or just because you want to…

From the Air: There is something magical about leaving the ground and seeing the world from above. We are based out of Flying Cloud Airport in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area and can fly airplanes and helicopters throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Scenic and sightseeing flights can be incredibly special moments. They’re perfect to celebrate special occasions, such as an anniversary, or gift to friends and family.

Airplane or Helicopter: We operate a fleet of both rotor-wing helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes. Both offer similar yet different flying experiences. Helicopters provide an immersive low-to-the-ground experience. They can nimbly tour Minnesota’s cities and natural landscapes, not to mention provide virtually-unobstructed views for all passengers. Airplanes fly higher, faster, and can travel farther distances. This makes airplanes ideal for day trips to multiple cities, and they also have lower running costs than helicopters.

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Whether you choose a helicopter or airplane tour, your experience will be exceptional. Select from our packages or customize your air tour and experience the magic of flight!

Check out some of our Air Tour options:

Enjoy Lake Minnetonka, Best of the Twin Cities and more!

No two flights are ever the same. Passengers have the opportunity to work with our team to customize a route that fits their unique interests and timings, as well as weather and air traffic control considerations. However, here are some example flights that visit various exciting and popular locations within the Twin Cities and the Upper Midwest. Most flights begin at AV8s facility at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, MN, but we’re happy to ferry our aircraft to other nearby airports or an off-airport location in some cases.

Best of the Twin Cities

Start at AV8 Flight’s facility in Eden Prairie or an airport of your choice (additional cost). Fly northeast over the suburbs of Eden Prairie, Edina, St. Louis Park, and enter Minneapolis. Fly next to iconic buildings like the Foshay Tower, the IDS Center, and US Bank Stadium. Fly alongside the mighty Mississippi River towards Downtown St. Paul to see the Xcel Energy Center and Irvine Park. Add in lunch at Holman’s Table in St. Paul or return to Flying Cloud Airport.

Helicopter/Airplane – 30 Minutes to 45 Minutes (est.)

Lake Minnetonka From The Air

Begin your experience at AV8 Flight’s facility in Eden Prairie or an airport of your choice (additional cost). Fly north towards Lake Minnetonka, and possibly pass over Paisley Park, the home of legendary musician Prince. Begin an orbit over Lake Minnetonka and get a glimpse of the lake’s boat traffic or wildlife.

Helicopter/Airplane – 30 Minutes to 45 Minutes (est.)

Wine Tasting by Helicopter

Begin at AV8 Flight’s facility in Eden Prairie or an airport of your choice (additional cost). Learn the processes that go into making wine and sample offerings from several wineries located within flying distance of the Twin Cities. Take your friends or family members for the day trip of a lifetime and arrive in style in your own private helicopter.

Helicopter – 1 Hour to 3 Hours (est.)

Seasonal Flights

We offer a variety of seasonal flights centered around events and gatherings. Additionally, we are always looking to partner with various events to offer airplane and helicopter rides. ​Examples:

  • Lake Minnetonka Fourth of July Celebration
  • Fall Color Sightseeing
  • Holiday Light Tours

Custom Flights

Our team can work with you to arrange custom round-trip airplane or helicopter flights to specific destinations or over specific sights. Examples:

  • Twin Cities to Rochester, MN
  • Flying Cloud Airport to Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl. Airport
  • Aerial Survey Flights and Cinematography
  • Weddings/Event Arrivals

Airplane and helicopter sightseeing flights are incredibly memorable experiences, and we want all guests to enjoy the thrill of aviation. As a company, our number one priority is safety, and we’ve designed our passenger experience to reflect our commitments to safety and providing an enjoyable flight.

View our AV8 Air Tour Fleet

Helicopter and Airplane Air Tours – Reliability & Comfort

Our fleet consists of late-model airplanes and helicopters that are stored at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, MN. They undergo frequent and thorough inspections by trained aircraft technicians within our own maintenance facility. We take great care to ensure they are equipped with the latest equipment and avionics.

Robinson R44

Trusted, Proven, Dependable: Built in Torrance, CA, the Robinson R44 “Raven” is currently one of the most popular helicopters in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Its roomy cockpit seats four (three passengers and a pilot), and, because of its large windows, there’s no such thing as a bad seat in an R44.

Capacity: 3 passengers
Useful Load: 1,005 pounds
Range: ~300 nautical miles

Robinson R66

Advanced, Turbine-Driven, Powerful: The Robinson R66 is a more-powerful and slightly-larger variant of the R44. Propelled by a Rolls Royce turbine engine, the R66 can carry five (four passengers and a pilot) and plenty of cargo. It is the most-advanced helicopter currently in our fleet, and we’re very proud to have one of the only R66s available for air tours in the Twin Cities.

Capacity: 4 passengers
Useful Load: 1,300 pounds
Range: ~350 nautical miles

Guimbal Cabri G2CA

Nimble, Efficient, Charming: Nicknamed the “big little helicopter”, the Guimbal Cabri G2CA is a 2-seat light training helicopter built in France. It incorporates design features found in Airbus helicopters to provide a smooth and stable ride. The Cabri is perfect for aerial photography, single person tours, or flight training.

Capacity: 1 passenger
Useful Load: 600 pounds
Range: ~380 nautical miles

Piper Archer PA28

Capable, Fast, Reliable: Produced continually since 1961, Piper Archers are one of the most-popular aircraft in the world. They are stable and very easy-to-fly. Our late-model Archers have been fitted with the latest equipment, including avionics by Garmin. Fixed-wing airplanes fly faster than helicopters and have lower operating costs.

​Capacity: 3 passengers
Useful Load: 1,000 pounds
Range: ~500 nautical miles

AV8 Air Tour Questions & Answers

FAQ: Helicopter and Airplane Air Tours

Questions and answers about Twin Cities air tours costs, flight capacity, safety, scheduling, preparation, and selection.

Schedule your flight and send us the necessary pre-flight information, including number of passengers and their approximate weight. Please feel to reach out to us at any time 952-944-2628. We’re more than happy to answer your questions.

Arrive at Flying Cloud Airport or an alternate airport of your choice (additional cost), check-in, and meet your pilot to discuss the planned route.

Riding any vehicle – including cars, buses, and motorcycles – is associated with some level of risk. Most light airplane and helicopter crashes occur with inexperienced pilots. All of our pilots are commercially-rated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and most are also Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs). They have, at minimum, several hundred hours behind the controls of airplanes and helicopters. Our number one priority is safety, and we take great steps to maximize safety, including canceling flights due to weather, air traffic, or safety concerns.

Yes! You’ll receive a safety briefing and then climb aboard. Your pilot will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the flight and what to expect.

Take off from your departure location and travel the planned route (subject to weather, aviation safety, or air traffic restrictions).

Grab your camera and be ready to take photos of famous landmarks and picturesque views throughout your air tour experience.

Small aircraft have to contend with weight requirements and center-of-gravity restrictions. For safety reasons, we would never want to exceed weight or center-of-gravity restrictions on any of our aircraft. However, we are able to accommodate most passengers up to 250-300 pounds. After confirming a reservation, we inform you about passenger weight restrictions on the specific aircraft you are flying.

Flights can range anywhere in price from around $150 (short fixed-wing tour flight) to $1000+ (multi-hour long-distance flight by turbine helicopter) depending on the aircraft type and the duration of the flight. Helicopter flights start just above $300. Since every flight is unique, please contact us to discuss the best flight options and pricing, and we will be happy to speak with you.

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