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AV8 Flight School is proud to announce our Redbird Flight Simulators! These are not your typical stationary sims – these incredible machines are full motion and will give you a realistic feel of what it is like to be in an airplane. These simulators can be used for Part 141 or 61 training.

Utilize the Redbird Flight Simulator for:

  • Private Pilot’s License
  • Commercial Pilot’s License
  • Multi-Engine
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Currency
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Simulator Rental Pricing


$60*per hour
  • Flat Rate $500
  • *Call to Learn More. Prices subject to change.


$49*per hour
  • Flat Rate $500
  • *Call to Learn More. Prices subject to change.
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First Class!

This is a first class Pilot School!

Robb Hook

Awesome flight school!

Their dedication to their students is unmatched in the book of flight schools. I always felt safe and welcome. They strive to help people become confident, great pilots. Come fly here!!!

Holly Ann Latcham

Best Place to learn to fly!

Amazing atmosphere and full of enlightening people. They taught me a lot.

Laura Koronczok

5 Stars!!

5 Star rating for this flight school.

Logan Noess