AV8 Flight: Discovery Flights

Discovery flights are your chance to experience the thrill of flying – either airplane or helicopter!

Not just a leisurely airplane ride!

You will be the pilot flying the airplane and experiencing the thrill of flying. See what it’s like to be a pilot while you take control of the airplane and enjoy the views from the air. You will be able to takeoff, maneuver around, and land the airplane with a knowledgeable and experienced flight instructor. Throughout your flight, your flight instructor will teach you all about airplane flying while answering any questions you have during your time in the sky.

Airplane Discovery Flight

$260*One Hour
  • All-inclusive, includes instruction.

Helicopter Discovery Flight

$470*One Hour
  • All-inclusive, includes instruction.

It doesn’t get better than this!

Our Helicopter Discovery flight starts with a ground introduction to the helicopter, and what makes it fly. You’ll then hop into a brief lesson on hovering the aircraft. Once you take off from Flying Cloud Airport, you and your instructor will fly either North East around downtown Minneapolis, or West towards Lake Minnetonka! Both are beautiful and very engaging flights. You will be given the opportunity to fly the helicopter as much or as little as you like.

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