Project Description

Crystal Timm

Ratings: Commercial SEL/MEL, CFI, CFII

Flight Instructor

Crystal’s a third generation Flight Attendant that decided to transition into the cockpit. Her experiences as a Flight Attendant sparked her passion for aviation and the lifestyle it provides. Crystal began her pilot journey out of the Anoka Airport in 2017. She came to AV8 Flight School in 2020 to complete her Private Pilot’s license and continue her training. From there, her persistence and determination allowed her to earn her CFI by December of 2020. Her experience as a student utilizing our Part 61 and 141 programs, along with the rapid pace in which she completed them will offer guidance to others with aspirations of doing the same. In her off time, she enjoys volunteering for a nonprofit that helps people achieve their aviation goals and dreams. Crystal’s husband has been in the Army for 4 years, so she also understands the challenges associated with balancing military life and flying.