Project Description

Craig Kepen

Flight Instructor

Ratings: Commercial SEL/MEL, CFI, CFII, MEI

Craig’s a fourth generation pilot. With flight in his DNA, he’s been around aviation since birth.  Craig received his flight training from a variety of schools, ranging from bigger schools like Embry-Riddle and Mankato, to smaller mom and pop flight schools.  “I’ve seen the pros and cons of both highly structured big name flight schools, and the more personal, less formal mom and pop flight schools.  I like to take the positives of both forms of flight training and leave out the negatives.  Creating instruction that is catered to the unique needs of the individual student, but also maintains a clear, efficient roadmap for training pilots with professional knowledge and habits. Growing up in a family of career pilots, flying always felt normal to me and never intimidating. I like to create that same comfortable atmosphere for my students with their own training.” When he’s not flying, Craig’s a musician and frontman of an indie rock band.